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Opinion leaders. Key therapy areas. Cutting edge science.

SPCR is proud to have an internationally recognised team of senior clinicians and scientists. With Key Opinion Leaders in pain and anaesthesia, psychiatry and cognitive disorders as well as clinical trials & drug development, we can provide unrivalled scientific support for your studies.

The exacting nature of clinical research in pain and cognition requires precise and reproducible delivery of the study protocol. Despite the welcome emergence of some biomarkers, Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) continue to play a pivotal role in these indications. We therefore pride ourselves on our emphasis on staff training and precision in these areas of core business.

Key collaborations.

Expert profiles.

Directed research.

At SPCR we seek out the best ideas, science and talent and create a world class environment that stimulates creativity, encouraging innovation and collaboration to deliver clinical trial data to the benefit of patients.

Our location at a major transport hub in the metropolis enables easy access by road, rail and air, for our sponsors and CROs.

We have access to a range of specialist facilities and in house consultants.


We utilise European Scanning Centre and INVICRO to perform MRI, PET scans and X Rays for our clinical trials.


We have onsite overnight facilities allowing us to take on clinical trials requiring overnight monitoring and assessments.


We collaborate with with a central London sleep lab and their highly experienced team of sleep technologists.


We recognise the importance in performing high quality, standardised cognitive assessments and have an in-house experienced Global Rater team.


The St Pancras senior team consists of consultants in Psychiatry and Neurology with decades of experience in their fields.


Our clinical team are trained in the safe and effective performance of diagnostic lumbar punctures.

Engaging patients.

Enhancing retention.

Optimising outcomes.

Our approach to patient care ensures that from the moment a patient is identified, they remain supported, informed and engaged in the clinical trial process.

In addition, our in-house patient engagement team has experience in harnessing the power of social media and digital platforms, building these approaches into our recruitment strategies.

To ensure successful recruitment for each trial, tailored recruitment strategies that navigate the complex patient populations appropriately are created combining pre-existing patient databases, ongoing digital and community outreach work, and new innovative methods of recruitment. Each patient also undergoes an extensive pre-screening process to ensure suitability which allows SPCR to maintain a high screening to randomisation ratio across the therapeutic areas.