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Study Feasibility & Planning

Our feasibility team provide swift and accurate projections, to allow reliable budgeting & project management.

Clinical Trial Consultancy

World-leading academic and practical support can be offered to guide the design and delivery of key development studies in pain and cognition.

Clinical Trial Management

Our experienced and dedicated team of health care professionals ensure your study is our priority.

Patient Recruitment

We use a combination of traditional and cutting-edge approaches. Patient recruitment, care and engagement are at the heart of our business.

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We are St Pancras Clinical Research, a leading independent clinical research company based in the centre of London.

There are many challenges today in clinical drug development. We pride ourselves on working with our commercial and academic partners to deliver unique and professional solutions, whilst keeping patient care and satisfaction at the core of everything we do.

What can we help you achieve?

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“I am proud to lead the medical team at St Pancras Clinical Research. Our commitment to delivering clinical trials with new analgesics in patients with chronic pain to a high clinical and regulatory quality, will help to address an enormous societal, economic and human challenge.”

Professor Richard Langford
Chief Medical Officer SPCR & Past-President of the British Pain Society

“St Pancras Clinical Research understands the demands of our pharma partners as well as those of our patients, which means that we can combine high science with a realistic and compassionate approach to patient recruitment, in the most densely-populated part of the UK.”

Dr Stuart Ratcliffe
Chief Scientific Officer, SPCR

“Clinical research is a heavily-regulated industry and trials must be performed to exacting legal, regulatory and ethical standards. I advise SPCR on all matters relating to REC strategy and provide advice on quality, regulatory compliance, ethical issues and policy development. These areas are crucial for the safe and effective delivery of high quality clinical trials.”

Professor Arthur Tucker
Professor of Therapeutic Innovation & Adoption, William Harvey Research Institute, London & past NRES Advisory Board Member. Advisor to SPCR.

“Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Europeans – sooner or later everyone will be confronted with chronic pain themselves or with a loved one facing the problem. The chance of getting chronic pain increases as you get older, so everyone needs to be made aware of it in order to learn how to best deal with it. Clinical trials with new medicines offer the opportunity to participate in helping both the sufferer as well as others, to improve this devastating situation.”

Joop van Griensven
President at Pain Alliance Europe & European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations, and the 2019 recipient of the Order of Oranje-Nassau Royal Decoration for more than 20 years of service advocating for chronic pain patients across Europe.