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Recruitment, Management & Consultancy

Clinical Trials.

Highest data integrity.

Effective patient engagement.

The challenge: slow and inefficient patient recruitment seriously hampers trial delivery and delays vitally important medicines from becoming widely available.

At SPCR, we understand the need to collaborate with patient advocacy groups, primary and secondary care clinicians and regulators, to enable our clinical trials to proceed smoothly, on-target and on-budget.

Similarly, our trial support group works with sponsors so that everything we do is in partnership, from the first contact to the last.

Clinical trial consultancy.

Scientific Advisory Boards.

Drug development programmes.

SPCR’s senior clinical and scientific team continue to serve on Scientific Advisory Boards, providing advice and support for drug development programmes in our target therapeutic areas.

Strategic Development Advice

With all strategy queries in relation to the carrying out of clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Methodology

Our team are highly experienced in phases 2-4 of clinical trials across a variety of therapeutic areas.

Protocol Design

With experience of proof of concept study design, SPCR are able to assist with the development of new protocols.

Regulatory Support

MHRA and ethics committee submissions are an integral element of every clinical trial. We're here to make regulatory support a walk in the park.

Targeted Patient Recruitment Strategy

We have an expert team dedicated to maximising patient engagement and retention and we devise targeted patient recruitment strategies specific to each clinical trial.

Marketing for Clinical Trials

We can provide and develop innovative marketing strategies and materials for clinical trials.

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Patient recruitment.

Enhanced connectivity.

Effective and patient centric.

With 15 million people within a 50 mile radius of our London clinic, the dedicated SPCR study teams provide sponsors with the reassurance that protocol recruitment targets will be met in the most cost-effective way.

Our collaboration with leading digital social media advertising agencies offers cost-conscious means to engage with potential patients. Therapeutic and study information is provided at the earliest possible stage, thereby enhancing patient engagement.

Top-line feasibility information.

Planning and project management.

Enrolment forecast and protocol assessment.

At SPCR, we aim to supply top-line feasibility information within 48 hours of request. An accurate enrolment forecast, including careful protocol assessment, availability of patients and competing trials we know are fundamentals of successful trial delivery.

This key information forms the bedrock of the SPCR Recruitment Plan tailored for each study, and becomes an agreed, dynamic strategy between the sponsor and ourselves to ensure timely completion of patient enrolment.

Each trial we undertake is managed by an experienced senior researcher, serving as the dedicated point of contact for the sponsor’s Project Team. Performance metrics at each stage provide reassurance of SPCR’s on-target study delivery.