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Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease: Clinical Trials in 2020 Webinar

By 13 July 2020February 18th, 2021No Comments



As research moves away from the anti-amyloid theories about Alzheimer’s disease pathology, novel concepts are emerging that look to explore alternative treatment methods for Alzheimer’s disease.

St Pancras Clinical Research are delighted to announce an upcoming webinar in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Show. Dr Stuart Ratcliffe, Chief Scientific Officer and Megan Young, Patient Engagement Coordinator will be presenting about clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease in 2020 looking beyond the anti-amyloid concept. The webinar will focus on an exciting trial with Cortexyme called the GAIN study investigating the link between bacteria in the gums and Alzheimer’s.

You can find out more about this clinical trial here: The GAIN Study with Cortexyme



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