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Resources for patients living with dementia during COVID-19

People living with dementia during the pandemic face unique challenges due to their illness, it's characteristics and the effects of social isolation.

Having dementia does not increase risk of severe infection due to Covid-19, but due to dementia related behaviours and increased age, this population of people are more susceptible to falling ill. Covid-19 Dementia Resources

Lockdown and living in isolation has had a significant impact on the cognitive function of many people living with dementia, and we would like to share some resources we hope may be of use during this difficult period.

Tune in to M4D, a 24 hour dementia-friendly radio station.

Listen to Music 4 Dementia Radio

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If you or someone you know is struggling with dementia during the current crisis, you are not alone. There are people and charities who can offer you support.

Alzheimer’s Society offer coronavirus advice including care home support and an FAQ section.

Dementia Connect phoneline:

0333 150 3456

Dementia UK have a dedicated section full of information for families looking after someone with dementia.

Dementia UK helpline:

0800 888 6678

Alzheimer’s Research UK have a virtual pub quiz for those of us in lockdown, aswell as a dedicated Covid-19 section.

Alzheimer’s Research:

0300 111 5555

Alzheimer's Scotland discuss ideas for coping with stress during lockdown.

Small amounts of exercise can make a big difference to general health and wellbeing.

Distancing with dementia is a Dementia Change Action Network website, full of ideas to stay connected to those with dementia during the current crisis.

The Daily Sparkle is a dementia resource hub packed with puzzles, activities and dementia-friendly arts and crafts.

Another brilliant resource hub with digital diaries, exercise videos and digital religious ceremonies to help people with dementia feel more connected during self isolation.

An exclusive Alzheimer's Show guide on dealing with difficult, dementia-related behaviours as a carer.

An exclusive Alzheimer's Show guide to the benefits of exercise for dementia