We are recruiting for two research studies called Evoke and Evoke+ Trials

Have you noticed a change in your memory?

The purpose of these 3-year studies is to find out whether the medicine, semaglutide, has a positive effect on early Alzheimer’s disease.

This will be done by comparing semaglutide against placebo on the effect on cognition and daily functioning. Semaglutide is already used to treat people with type 2 diabetes.

Who can take part?

You may be able to take part if you are:

  • Aged 55-85
  • Have a diagnosis of Mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Have a study partner who is willing to take part in the study with you

SPCR and Memory Research

The study will be explained fully to you and your partner, it includes:

  • Taking one tablet every day
  • Memory tests and questionnaires on how well you manage daily routines
  • Blood samples
  • 1 brain MRI or CT scan to look at brain structure *
  • 1 PET brain scan or a spinal tap to test for amyloid (a protein involved in Alzheimer’s disease) *

* You will have the opportunity to discuss the results of these scans with your study doctor before taking any medication.