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Participant Testimonials

What is it like to take part in a clinical trial?

Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

SPCR staff

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Impact of Covid-19

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Experience Taking Part in a Clinical Trial

This trial allows me to be there mostly just on my own, which I am quite happy to be doing … I was impressed right from the start; our travel expenses were paid for and it felt resourceful.

I had already had a planned trip to go to Australia, I was really impressed with how SPCR handled this, I wondered if it would be a problem, but again the staff were just incredibly helpful and planned study visits for the day before my travel and the day after I got back.

I was in the research industry for a lot of my working life and it’s all similar. I’ve been on research studies for Alzheimer’s Disease for a long time and the one at St Pancras was my fourth and most recent. I really created close relationships here.

It gave us somewhere to go which is more interesting. We also think that we wouldn’t be able to get all the tests and checks done as efficiently elsewhere. He’s had lumbar punctures, MRI scans, blood work done at SPCR and we couldn’t get that normally.

Because of all of the tests done on my memory, I am still able to drive. The results provided by SPCR enabled the communication with my local consultant who in turn could contact the DVLA… SPCR gave me that freedom and it was more than my local surgery would have been able to do.

Experience with the staff at St Pancras Clinical Research

The SPCR staff have been very good at helping us in more than one way to get through it all.

SPCR always put us in a taxi to take us back to King’s Cross. They looked after us all the while… it helped him a lot then.

I cannot fault anyone I’ve been in contact with at SPCR, they have been absolutely brilliant and I’m quite proud to be part of the study, I sing your praises anywhere I go.

From the very beginning I was really thrilled by just how friendly, helpful and open staff were, it was very easy to feel like I belonged. freedom and it was more than my local surgery would have been able to do.

Whilst having the infusion, I quite often have really long conversations with members of staff and it’s a lovely atmosphere.

Impact of Covid-19

We were saved really by the taxi service… our journey would normally be much longer and more complicated.

We were taken by taxi… It took us from our house immediately to the clinic. SPCR looked after us that way.

I recently had my covid vaccination and SPCR staff were brilliant with sorting my study appointment to a time which was going to be most convenient with it all.

I’m a pretty independent sort of person but switching from a train journey to a pre-booked taxi service to and from the clinic felt extremely supportive. I have had no problems whatsoever, the taxi drivers always have their masks on, and I always come in mine.

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